The athletic department at St. Mary’s Academy is committed to providing our students with an athletic experience that builds character in accordance with the principles of the Catholic Faith. This area of education supports the academic formation of the intellect in our students.  

The aim of both academic and athletic education is to establish a foundation in the forming of personality and character. Participation in the interscholastic athletic programs is a privilege reserved for students in good academic standing.  See the Parent-Student Handbook for eligibility requirements. 
Students will learn respect for authority, responsibility for their actions, and self- discipline at a level which promotes growth by developing loyalty, pride, integrity and commitment.


Students who participate in extracurricular activities should not jeopardize their grades by sacrificing excessive time to non-academic functions.  Good grades and good conduct are always expected as prerequisites to participation in any extracurricular activity.  See the Parent-Student Handbook for eligibility requirements.  

Calendar of Events 

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