SMA K-6th Open House

February 12, 2019
7pm-9pm Bellarmine, Canisius, Coppens, McCabe

Location: Bellarmine Classrooms, Canisius (Above the Chapel), Coppens Hall - Boys School, McCabe Classrooms

Changes– There will no longer be two K-6 open house evenings. Generally, in an open house week, the lower school open house will be on Tuesday evenings and the 7-12 open house, including the Headmaster’s comments, will be in the auditorium, on Wednesday evenings. 
 K-6 Classroom visits will be by sign up only and parents will be limited to one 10 minute block. If you need more than 10 minutes please make a separate appointment. 
*Sign up ahead of time at the  chapel vestibule   (sign-up sheets will be hanging on the bulletin board) until noon, Tuesday, February 12.
*K-6 sign up sheets will be posted two weeks prior to the K-6 Open House.    
*No more than one ten-minute time slot with each teacher you wish to see at  the K-6 evening.      
*Parents will not be able to enter Bellarmine from the west door/doors anymore on Open House nights.  Those doors are permanently locked from the outside. The east and south doors will be opened.
*All students (K-12) have classes this day.