Advent Festivities: a unique Activity Period

December 21, 2020
Source: Academy St Mary's

“Rejoice and be merry in songs and in mirth;
O praise our Redeemer, all mortals on earth!”

                              ~ Traditional English Carol

Catholic towns and countries have always been marked by celebrations, competitions, and festivities commemorating their patrons and the great feasts of the Church. Fires are lit throughout Europe on the feast of St. John; hundreds of Italians race with massive statues through the streets of Gubbio on the feast of St. Ubaldo; processions and festivals throughout Italy mark the feast of St. Anthony; and carols, crèches, songs and feasting still surround Christmas throughout the Christian world. In this spirit, and in the spirit of Jon Bosco, who instructs educators that “Joy is indispensable.  Let it be everywhere; in the school and in the church.”, the boys and teachers spent the afternoon together singing, competing, and feasting. The boys competed in a game of Theque, a Viking game like baseball brought from France by Mr. Dredger; carved ice into sculptures while wide-eyed lower school boys were lifted onto the shoulders of the seniors for a closer look; ate desserts home-cooked by their classmates and friends; and finally, raised the rafters of Jogues and charmed the college lassies with a few hearty carols. Certainly not an ordinary Tuesday afternoon, but perhaps a fitting way for a group of boys to celebrate something as extraordinary as the coming Birth of God made man.

~ by Mr. Ben Strong