Fire Prevention Week

October 09, 2020
Source: Academy St Mary's

During Fire Prevention Week, fire departments across the country visit schools to educate young children on the hazards of fire and the necessity of pre-planning fire escape routes.  Two volunteer firefighters from the St. Marys Fire Department, who also serve as full-time firefighters in the nearby cities of Lawrence and Manhattan, visited the Academy on Tuesday, October 6.  (Both firefighters are alumni of the Academy and College: Mark Campbell, SMA '00, SMC '02, and Timothy Fullerton, SMA '14.)  They met with students from kindergarten through second grade, teaching them how to respond in the case of a fire.  The students were also given the opportunity to look at various firefighting tools, to examine a fire engine, as well as to experience what a firefighter looks and sounds like in his turnout gear and breathing from his oxygen tank.