The Kapaun Classic 2021

May 23, 2021
Source: Academy St Mary's

10th Annual Kapaun Classic

Game: 7 innings
Final Score: 5 to 4
Winners: 5th grade team

Despite the (occasionally heavy) Spring showers, the 10th annual Kapaun Classic took place on Friday, May 21 at 10:00AM.  For most of the game, the 5th grade team was winning 4 to 1, but then in the last inning the 6th grade team came back to tie it 4 to 4. Then in the bottom of the 7th, the last inning, the 5th grade team hit a run with bases loaded to win the game. 


Pitcher: Fr. Torzala

5th Grade Players:

W. Engholm
D. Snyder 
D. Isermann
H. Moats
S. Roy
W. Sulzen
L. Fullerton
X. Sergent
P. Bunel
Fr. Rutledge 

6th Grade Players:

R. Wiemann
N. Engholm
E. Garland
T. Schmitt
R. Whitehead
J. Goulart
T. Goldade
J. Merz
P. Childs 
J. Sevigny
L. Beulieau
Fr. Kracht