Self Defense Training Class

November 25, 2020
Source: Academy St Mary's

Twice a week, on different days, the high school boys and high school girls have activity periods as part of the curriculum. Each school plans activities that are appropriate to the students of that school, and which hopefully provide a variety of diversified experiences that contribute to their well-rounded formation. In the girls’ school, examples of our diversified activities include but are not limited to spiritual conferences, lectures and workshops on chant, beauty, art, November visits to the cemetery to pray for the Holy Souls…just to name a few! One activity we were recently able to offer the girls was a self-defense instructional period and a consequent practice workshop. Jason Harpe and his daughter Annemarie, respective founder/owner and manager of Motion Martial Arts, agreed to conduct these sessions for our girls. Violence against women is real. The goal was to give these young ladies the confidence and the proper mindset to set boundaries for themselves and to know that they are worth defending. After instruction and demonstrations, the girls had the opportunity to practice moves that enable them to achieve these boundaries and protect themselves. The girls had a phenomenal time and truly appreciated the experience to not only hear and see, but then also perform, the appropriate moves. We were glad to be able to offer such a beneficial and educational experience to the girls!