SMA Girls School House System

October 16, 2020
Source: Academy St Mary's

     The House System is a student body organization designed to facilitate peer leadership and virtue among the students. Once in high school, students are assigned to one of four Houses. As a class provides a lateral level of organization and belonging, the House System creates the opportunity for a greater sense of belonging and involvement in the SMA family by virtue of a vertical organizational delineation. Thus, students from each high school class belong to another group within the school, one which sees a different sense of leadership, as classes take care of each other inside of a particular House.

     The end goal of the House System is the achievement of virtue, and the physical vehicle by which we facilitate this achievement is through a range of competitions. These competitions encompass a range of areas of expertise, thus allowing the students the chance to excel and contribute to their House's overall success in departments they are most proficient in. The House System touches and directs a diversified amount of a students' school life, through such areas as the goals (virtue and leadership) and the tangible events incorporated (competitions, line-up formation, weekly meetings, certain uniform articles, and community involvement). As such, the House System is a key feature of student formation within the Academy.