Lower School (K-5)

Language Arts:
      -Learning to read and write
      -Grammar (2nd-5th)
      -Composition (2nd-5th)
History (1st-3rd: Stories; 4th: Early America; 5th: Ancient History)
Nature Study

Middle School (6-8)

Language Arts
History (6th: Medieval History; 7th: Modern World, 1400 AD to present; 8th: US History)
Itinerarium Outdoor Program (boys)
Physical Education

High School (9-12)

Grade 9

Religion I
English I: Western Literature & Composition (standard or honors)
History I: Ancient History, Creation to Sack of Rome (standard or honors)
Latin I (standard or honors)
Algebra I (standard or honors)
Biology (standard or honors)
Music I (listening or performance)
Art I
Physical Education I

Grade 10

Religion II
English II: Western Literature & Composition (standard or honors)
History II: Medieval History, Age of the Church Fathers to Avignon Papacy (standard or honors)
Latin II (standard or honors)
Geometry (standard or honors)
Physical Science1 (standard) or Honors Intro to Phys/Chem1 (honors)
Music II (listening or performance)
Art II
Physical Education II

Grade 11

Religion III
English III: Western Literature & Composition (standard or honors)
History III: Early Modern, The Black Death to The "Glorious" Revolution (standard or honors)
Latin III (standard or honors)
Algebra II (standard) or Honors Precalculus (honors) or Fine Arts I (girls)
Honors Chemistry2 or Fine Arts I (boys)  or Sewing (girls)
Music III (listening or performance)
Physical Education III

Grade 12

Religion IV
English IV: Western Literature & Composition (standard or honors)
History IV: Modern/US Government, The Enlightenment to Contemporary History (standard or honors)
Latin IV (standard or honors)
Honors Calculus or Fine Arts II (boys) or Fine Arts II/Psychology (girls)
Honors Physics or Astronomy (boys) or Culinary Arts (girls)
Music IV (listening or performance)
Art IV
Physical Education IV


1 Introduction to Chemistry and Physics is geared for students who want to take Chemistry and then Physics in sequence in the 11th and 12th grades.  Physical Science covers similar material, but since it is potentially the last science class a student will take, it is a little more general in scope.  College-bound students seeking whatever degree should stay in the college track which would mean taking Introduction to Chemistry and Physics in 10th grade and following up with Chemistry and Physics in the following years.

2Chemistry studies reality at the molecular level, the changes it can undergo at that level, and the energy involved in those changes.  The Introduction class (see 1 above) focuses on the nut and bolts, the grammar if you like, of that science.