Earn Money for SMA



  1. Cut out the "Box Tops for Education" from everyday items you already buy and hand them in to your child's homeroom teacher.
  2. Or download the Box Tops for Education app.
  3. Look for Boxtops on hundreds of products!

Dillons Community Reward


  1. Go to www.dillons.com
    • Create an account (If you already have an online account, login and skip step 2)
    • Pick your store
    • Enter personal information
    • Enter your Plus Card number or Alternate ID (If you do not have a Plus Card or an Alt ID for Dillons, you can create one by clicking on Create your Alt ID online)
    • Choose whether or not you want to receive emails for Dillons
    • Create an account
  2. Sign up for Community Rewards
    • From the home screen, click on Dillons Community Rewards, located in the 2nd column at the bottom of the screen
    • Click Enroll Now
    • Your Account Summary appears; at the end of your summary, click Enroll
    • Enter SMA account number 54356
    • Click Enroll
    • Select SMA

When subsequently shopping at Dillons, please remember to use your Dillons Plus Card or your Alt ID at the cash register. Thank you!

Dillons will send us approximately 0.5% of your purchases when you designate us as your charity.

Office Max / Office Depot

  1. Make a purchase of qualifying school supplies, provide your school ID at checkout and your designated school will receive 5% back in credits for FREE supplies!
  2. School ID: 70112800
  3. You do not need a Office Depot or Office Max card, just tell them our name or our number at check out

Here is a list of qualifying school supplies.